Your Private Trading Room: SIBEX launches P2P Group Trading Feature

SIBEX is proud to present to you its newest addition to the platform, the Group Trading Feature. This unique feature allows users to trade OTC peer-to-peer with their networks, securely and privately.

Trade with your community in the SIBEX network
On the SIBEX Platform, users can perform cross-chain atomic swaps between Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens. With the use of Hashed Time-Lock Contracts (HTLCs), you can trade cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer between blockchains with no third-party involvement.

The Group Trading Feature on SIBEX allows anyone to pseudonymously create personal trading groups and manage their own OTC group as an exchange. Users have the option to join an existing group of traders. Alternatively, they can also create a new group and invite up to 50 members, keeping trades safe and decentralized in a close-knit private community.

Whether you are a group manager, a broker, or a seasoned trader, you can easily transition between the SIBEX Platform and private messaging platforms, building markets organically and improving liquidity.

Create your own private trading room.

“Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins”
Several centralized exchanges recently faced serious problems — They were hacked, and had suspended withdrawal services, leaving users unable to retrieve their assets.

Such issues will not happen on the SIBEX Platform, as SIBEX removes all intermediaries between traders. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), users can be assured that their personal data and keys are always secured as every SIBEX user has their own personal trading server on AWS. The assets, private keys, information, and the data stored on the users’ AWS trading servers are only available to the user’s sole discretion and guarantees full privacy, security, and the decentralization of trade settlements.

Get started on and trade with your community today.

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World’s First Decentralized OTC Technology.

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World’s First Decentralized OTC Technology.

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