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🚨🚨🚨 Release ⭐⭐⭐
What was released:
- SIBEX Daemon: version 20.47.1
- SIBEX OTC Frontend: version 20.47.03cdc1fc

- Improved error reporting and messages (error code refactoring), both in the daemon and frontend 🎉
- Migrated the on-going HTLC from JSON files to a local daemon database 🙏
- Fix the API call for getting all offers 🔥
- Remove deprecated features 👍
- Trading equity values are updated via notifications (between daemon and frontend) 🍾
- Button on the P2P Marketplace have a loading animation preventing spam towards the daemon 👌
- Communication optimization between frontend and daemon 🍹

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🚨🚨🚨 Release 🎉🎉🎉
What was released:
SIBEX Daemon: version 20.45.1
SIBEX OT Frontend: version 20.45.2fc75d0f

Summary of changes:
- Added browser notifications for new offers
- Added modal that asks for notifications permission
- Enhanced metrics for pro-active issue diagnosis
- Adjustments for trading equity reservation issues
- Daemon is now compiled with Golang 1.15 (upgrade from 1.13)

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🚨🚨🚨 Release ⭐⭐⭐

What was released:
- SIBEX Daemon: version 20.44.1
- SIBEX OTC Frontend: version 20.44.966b79d4

Summary of changes:
- Added tooltip with extra information for the failed swaps [SIBEX OTC Frontend]
- Increased polling time for balances and trade equities, meaning less errors over time [SIBEX OTC Frontend]
- Update balances and trading equities on successful swap [SIBEX OTC Frontend]
- Fix UI page container width to fit mobile and desktop and avoid span on very large screens [SIBEX OTC Frontend]
- Removal of commserver and clean-up [SIBEX Daemon]
- Improvements on the reservation of trading equity [SIBEX Daemon]
- Adjust the handling of canceled offers in case of errors [SIBEX Daemon]
- Daemon database migrations to enable a more general way of dealing with ERC-20 tokens [SIBEX Daemon]
- Updates on collected metrics [SIBEX Daemon]

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SIBEX is proud to present to you its newest addition to the platform, the Group Trading Feature. This unique feature allows users to trade OTC peer-to-peer with their networks, securely and privately.

Trade with your community in the SIBEX network
On the SIBEX Platform, users can perform cross-chain atomic swaps between Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens. With the use of Hashed Time-Lock Contracts (HTLCs), you can trade cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer between blockchains with no third-party involvement.

The Group Trading Feature on SIBEX allows anyone to pseudonymously create personal trading groups and manage their own OTC group as an exchange. Users have the option to join an existing group of traders. …

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We’ve covered setting up a personal trading server and the benefits of doing so. Now it is time for ‘The Money Talk’.

How your wallet works on SIBEX
Once you have finished setting up your trading server and logged into, your wallet (SIBEX ID) is automatically generated. This non-custodial wallet allows you to store, manage, and to trade your bitcoin and any ERC20 tokens on the SIBEX platform.

This wallet is YOURS. It is your wallet, connected to SIBEX via your personal trading server.

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Non-custodial: Only you can access your wallet
At SIBEX, we never store your crypto assets, we are only providing you with the software you need to store them yourself on AWS server. Your wallet is unlocked on your server using your password. The password acts as your decryption key to lock and unlock your wallet — without it, you cannot access your wallet. …

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In the previous article SIBEX For Beginners A-Z, we provided a step-by-step guide to setting up a personal AWS server for trading on SIBEX. Some of you may wonder, why run your own personal server on AWS cloud? That’s a great question. You ask, we answer.

Decentralized: Be your own exchange.
Here at SIBEX, we believe in decentralization. Over the years, digital assets worth over hundreds of millions of dollars have been drained from centralized exchanges from major hacks and security breaches. By running your own personal trading server, your personal data and keys are always secured and private.

Not only do centralized exchanges run the risk of being hacked, they also crash during peak times. When a client-server (centralized exchange) system is built, how quickly you can service an increased load on the system (scalability) is an important consideration. The number of users expected to be active at a given time dictates the number of servers that are operated. From the standpoint of centralized exchanges, energy and money is wasted from buying too many servers and having them remain dormant and unused. When the peak load goes beyond what is planned, the centralized service simply stops working. This will not happen on SIBEX. With SIBEX’s decentralized technology, you can trade anytime and anywhere while keeping full control of your assets. …

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New to SIBEX?

SIBEX is a Swiss decentralized protocol that allows you to trade OTC securely & privately and directly between Bitcoin and any ERC20 Tokens you wish using smart contracts.

No Need to Create an Account! No Middleman! Global Liquidity!

How to trade on SIBEX?

Don’t worry, trading on SIBEX is very easy, it only takes a few minutes to get started!

1. Set up AWS trading server

First of all, you need to create an AWS account. This will serve as your unique server to trade on SIBEX. …



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